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Dustless Technologies proudly manufactures American made vacuums in Price, Utah and Nashville, Tennessee. These American made vacuums include a certified HEPA vacuum for EPA RRP lead abatement, a regular wet dry shop vacuum and a line of industrial HEPA vacuums for large commercial projects. Buy American made vacuum from the leader in smart dust control, Dustless Technologies.

How do you know which dust control system is best for you? It depends on a lot of factors, but you are at the right place to learn. Dustless technologies is the leader in smart dust control systems for construction, woodworking and industrial applications. We manufacture a wide array of products that help you save time and money on the job site while protecting workers from harmful airborne dust.

Dustless® Certified HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum
Another significant benefit the Dustless Wet/Dry HEPA vacuum delivers is the ability to go from dry to wet operation without stopping to take out the HEPA filter or reconfigure the vacuum. An interior baffle/wall keeps water away from the HEPA filter. We like to say it is “idiot proof.” If someone doesn’t realize it is a HEPA vacuum and uses it for cleaning up a spill, they don’t cost you an expensive HEPA filter. Smart dust control from a smart company – Dustless Technologies.

Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuums
Choose from two Wet/Dry Vacuums from Dustless Technologies. A certified HEPA version, for EPA RRP and other work involving hazardous materials, and a regular Wet/Dry Vacuum for projects that don’t require you to meet government guidelines, but still give you excellent ability to capture extra fine dust. The HEPA vacuum is certified to meet the most stringent government standards. Both feature a 16 gallon canister and use the amazing WunderBag™ micro prefilter. The WunderBag helps protect the inner and outer filters of the Wet/Dry vacuum, and it helps significantly extend the life of the HEPA filter. It is a smart dust control system from the industry leader – Dustless Technologies.

HEPA Pack™ Backpack Vacuum
The HEPA Pack™ is a convenient backpack HEPA vacuum design for construction site applications. It gives contractors an easy and convenient way to get around the job site with a HEPA vacuum. The harness is designed to distribute the weight evenly between the hips and shoulders to reduce operator fatigue. The proprietary filter system enables the user to clean the disposable bag filter without opening the canister.

EPA RRP Lead Dust Control
Minimizing the dust can be done with a variety of tools. At the center of a contractor’s dust control system is a certified HEPA vacuum that collects dust particles down to 0.3 micron. When shopping for a vacuum, contractors should be sure to get one that is recommended for hazardous materials. Read the fine print on the box. Some vacuum manufacturers offer a retrofit HEPA filter for their traditional shop vacuums, but many of these will not pass field inspection, so it is wise to acquire a vacuum designed with tighter tolerances to retain HEPA integrity.

The WunderBag™ micro pre-filter – smart dust control
This micro pre-filter has earned its name – it is truly wonderful and amazing. Think about this: A HEPA filter captures particles down to .3 micron and a WonderBag captures particles down to .5 micron. Considering that a micron is approximately 1/100th of the width of a human hair, the difference between .5 and .3 micron is virtually nothing. That is why the WunderBag™ does such an excellent job of extending the life of a HEPA filter. Use a WunderBag™, in conjunction with a HEPA filter, inside a Dustless HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum, and the HEPA filter hardly ever sees any dust. In fact, you can extend the life of a HEPA filter as much as 30 times longer with the use of a WonderBag™. Smart dust control for smart contractors.

Floor Tool with Beater Bar to Meet EPA Requirements
A floor tool with a beater bar is required for EPA RRP Certification. Dustless Technologies has a cost effective solution with a street price of $80. The Dustless HEPA Floor Tool is powered by the airflow from the vacuum. It protects workers from dust in air and is a proven dust removal system.

Dust Shrouds
Protect yourself from dust created by grinding with one of the Dustless dust shrouds. The EPA RRP regulations mandate point-of-origin dust control shrouds for all power hand tools when working in a lead paint environment. Smart dust control. The DustBuddie™ is the professional contractor’s number one choice when working with a hand grinder, while the Dustie™ gives do-it-yourselfers a more economical alternative. Both capture up to 99% of dust in air.

Turbo Drywall Sander
The Turbo Drywall Sander provides distinct advantages over the leading brand of Porter Cable drywall sanders. This drywall sanding system is much lighter, about half the price and is capable of sanding in corners and tight places because of the rectangular orbital sanding head. It uses economical standard sized hook and loop sandpaper that saves you money. It is smart dust control strategy to protect your self from dust in air by wearing a dust mask or respirator.

BitBuddie™ Dust Shroud for Drilling and Drywall Sawing
The BitBuddie™ is ideal for collecting dust when dry drilling or slurry when wet drilling. We offer two sizes of BitBuddie™ – dust and slurry control shrouds for use with drills, core drills and percussion hammers. The 1-3/8" BitBuddie™ is ideal for cutting sink holes in stone countertops, or anywhere space is tight. The 4" BitBuddie™ can be used for any size of core drill bit up to 4" in diameter. The larger size is also handy for controlling dust when cutting wallboard or sheetrock with a drywall saw. All you have to do is cut a slot with enough room for the saw blade to fit through, and you have a handy way to control dust from drywall sawing. No clamps are necessary with this smart dust control system. The vacuum pressure holds the BitBuddie in place while you work, and it is quick and easy to reposition. The BitBuddie™ is a great way to protect yourself from dust while keeping the job site clean.

ChipBuddie™ Paint Scraper for EPA RRP Projects
The ChipBuddie™ is a is smart dust control tool for dust-free paint scraping and popcorn ceiling removal. Collect paint chips, dirt, dust and debris as it is dislodged. Many painters, contractors and remodelers find it very useful for popcorn ceiling removal. When working with hazardous materials, we recommend wearing a dust mask to protect from dust in air.

American Made Vacuums
American Made Vacuums is dedicated to helping contractors and remodelers find a American Made Vacuums to protect worker health, meet OSHA, EPA and NIOSH guidelines, and implement dustless systems to increase jobsite productivity. American Made Vacuumsproducts are made in the United States of America. American Made Vacuums respects your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with third parties.

American Made Vacuums handles dust control accessories like the DustBuddie®, CutBuddie II™, Dustie®, BitBuddie™, ChipBuddie™ and Turbo Drywall Sander - all from Dustless® Technologies.

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